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Adulting and Reasons for Moving Out of Home in Singapore

By September 29, 2023No Comments
Adulting and Reasons for Moving Out of Home in Singapore

Are you a young adult in Singapore seeking a more independent living experience? While it used to be that people only moved out of their parents’ home when they got married or when they got their keys to their BTO, times are now changing. 

More and more individuals are not waiting til marriage before they leave the nest. With more accommodation choices such as co-living, renting is no longer limited to expats. Here are some reasons why young Singaporeans may contemplate moving out of home. 

1. Desire for independence 

Many young adults who have started working want to have a taste of independence. After living with their parents for so long, they want the autonomy to make their own decisions, set their own rules and take responsibility for their own lives. 

2. Personal growth 

Moving out of the family home can be a first step towards personal growth and self-discovery. In addition, adulting forces you to pick important life skills such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting. 

3. Desire for privacy 

Living independently offers individuals greater privacy compared to living with family members. This is especially so for those who have to share a bedroom with siblings. As adults, you may prefer to have your own space and also invite friends over without restrictions.

4. Convenience

If you live the east but have to travel all the way to Tuas in the west for work, for instance, it’s understandable that you may want to move out to cut down on travelling time. Moving closer to your workplace can make the commute less stressful and leaving you more time for your personal life. 

5. Seeking new experiences

Seeking new experiences could be a strong motivator to move out and explore different living environments. You may have personal goals you may want to explore out of your family home or even need the space to pursue your artistic or entrepreneurial ventures. 

6. Financial independence

For some of you, moving out is a step toward managing your own finances and taking control of your financial future. Being forced to pay rent means you have to be more discerning in your expenses and this may compel you to educate yourself on financial planning. 

7. Forming new relationships 

Some of you may seek to move out in order to live together with friends or with a significant other. Moving out can give you more freedom and opportunity to have fun with your friends or pursue a romantic relationship


Moving out is a highly individual decision and can be influenced by a combination of factors. If you want to try adulting for the first time by moving out, you can consider co-living as a flexible accommodation option.

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