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Waiting for BTO? Why Newlyweds Can Consider Co-living 

By September 28, 2022September 29th, 2022No Comments
Waiting for BTO co-living for newlyweds

As a newlywed couple, you’ve celebrated your special day and are looking forward to walk together on the new journey that’s marital life. There’s just one catch. You’ve applied for your BTO flat but it won’t be ready so soon. 

Some of you may be open to staying with your parents or in-laws. While this is the most cost-effective option, you must also be willing to compromise as you’d be living under their roof and must respect their ground rules. 

For newlyweds, the first few years are still a time of getting to know one another as you build your life together. If you’re living together with extended family, it may be a little difficult to enjoy the privacy you crave. 

To have your own space, renting is the best option as you await the keys to your BTO flat. But what if you’re looking to save up for BTO renovations and to buy furniture and appliances for your new home? In this case, renting a whole apartment may not be so feasible.  

That’s why co-living may be a more suitable option for you. Here’s why. 

1. You are only paying for a room, not the entire apartment 

When you sign on a lease with a co-living operator, you are only renting a room. That works out to be a better solution if you’re a newlywed couple especially if you have only just started working for a few years. With no children, you won’t need to have extra bedrooms just yet. So it’s definitely more economical to rent a room than an entire apartment. 

2. Wifi and utilities are included in your rent

Wifi and utilities are included in the monthly rental payments for a co-living space. That saves you the hassle of arranging for wifi and opening a utilities account, as well as remembering to pay for those bills every month. All these are already covered in one single payment (i.e., your monthly rent), making it really convenient! 

3. It comes fully furnished 

Co-living accommodations are usually fully furnished. Your bed, table, cupboard and basic appliances and amenities are all provided for. You don’t have to fork out extra cash to buy those items so this saves you money. Co-living spaces are totally move-in ready – just bring your luggage! 

4. Housekeeping is provided 

Doing your own chores = adulting. But hey, you can put this off just a tad longer as housekeeping services are usually included when you sign on a co-living space. Of course, you still have to play your part in making sure you keep the place clean and tidy. But you can leave the heavy duty cleaning such as mopping the floors and washing the toilets to the cleaner who comes in every week. 

5. Enjoy privacy 

As a newly-married couple, we’re sure you relish your independence and privacy. It’s understandable that you don’t want the prying eyes of your parents or in-laws monitoring your every move when you come back home. By moving out, you get to enjoy your couple time and marital life in your own private sanctuary. 

6. Flexible leases

Co-living spaces come with flexible lease terms. So if you’re only months away from getting the keys to your BTO flat, co-living is a good option to consider. 

7. Enjoy condo living 

Co-living spaces are usually located in private condos. So you get to enjoy the perks of condo living if you opt to rent a co-living unit. With swimming, gym facilities and tennis courts available, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle as a couple and get fit together! 


If you’re looking for temporary accommodation solution while waiting for the keys to your BTO flat, co-living is a potential housing option that may suit you. Go ahead and explore room rentals to find what you need! 

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