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Living in Co-living Spaces: Balancing Privacy with Social Life 

By July 31, 2023No Comments

Living in a co-living space can be a unique experience, letting you get to know other individuals, share experiences and foster a sense of community. But amidst the social opportunities co-living offers, you still need to maintain your privacy especially during days when you just want to wind down in the sanctuary of your room. 

Some shared areas in the co-living space are designed to encourage social interactions, such as the kitchen and dining area. This can foster a sense of togetherness amongst residents, especially those who come from overseas and need a support system within the community. 

But as much as interacting is great, privacy is just as important as everyone has their own needs when it comes to personal space and downtime. Some of you may find solitude in relaxing in your own room, while others thrive on constant interaction. Understanding and respecting each other’s privacy is vital to maintain a healthy balance in co-living spaces. 

Here are some tips on how to strike that balance between privacy and socialising: 

1. Create your own personal haven

Personalise your room to reflect your style and personality. Having that private space can make it feel like home and provide a sense of comfort and security. 

2. Use shared spaces wisely

Co-living spaces have common, shared areas like the kitchen and dining room. Use these shared spaces when you want to engage with your other flatmates. But also be socially aware. If they don’t seem to feel like interacting after a long day, don’t be overly enthusiastic either. 

3. Respect quiet hours

Don’t blast the music or turn up the volume too high when you stream your music or videos especially late at night. Everybody deserves their time for rest and relaxation especially at night. So be respectful and perhaps consider investing in a pair of headphones instead. 

4. Participate at your own pace

Engage with your flatmates only when you feel comfortable. If they organise a gathering or outing, you don’t have to feel pressured or obliged to attend every single time. 

5. Be honest and assertive

Be upfront and honest about your privacy and needs to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Finding your comfort zone in co-living is about learning how to balance between your personal space and embracing social interactions. So do be mindful of your boundaries while respecting others. 

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