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Is co-living legal?

Co-Living is definitely legal, and Bespoke Habitat prides itself in being fully compliant to URA guidelines and condo management rules.

What is the minimum lease?

We offer a minimum of three months lease, in compliance to URA guidelines.

Do I have to pay for the utility bill, on top of my current rental?

Bespoke Habitat’s rental rates are inclusive of utilities, Wi-Fi, weekly cleaning services, 24/7 access to our concierge, and condo amenities. However, if there is an excess in the utility cap – Tenants will equally share and bear the cost.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes, visitors are allowed up till 10pm. No overnight stay is allowed.

What are the payment modes that I can use to pay my rental?

The most convenient mode, is via PayNow, available via the Quick-Response (QR) code located in your room. The payment is hassle-free and immediate.

Are there house rules?

Yes, the house rules serve as an important reminder for housemates to uphold standards in cleanliness and inclusiveness. We strive to create a community that is conducive to live, work and play.

Will I have to manage the tenants?

You will not have to. Bespoke Habitat will be your single point of contact. This gives you a peace of mind.

Home Owners

Is subletting illegal?

Subletting is not illegal if, (1) it is done with the knowledge and written consent from the landlord, (2) the tenant’s lease is a minimum of three months, (3) a maximum of six occupiers are staying in the unit.

Is partitioning allowed?

For private properties, internal partitioning is allowed so long as it does not compromise the nature of the property as a single self-sufficient residential unit with important features such as the living/dining area and a kitchen.

Will my unit be taken care of?

Yes it will! Bespoke Habitat places maximum effort with our cleaning services that spans across every corner of the unit, to ensure that the unit remains clean and well-kept; retaining its value.

Will I have to manage the tenants?

You will not have to. Bespoke Habitat’s ace team will handle all the complicated business, from unit upkeep to tenant management, giving you a hands-off approach and ease of mind.

Can I continue to renew the lease with Bespoke Habitat after three years?

Definitely. Bespoke Habitat will be more than delighted to continue working with valued partners such as yourself.

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