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Where to Find Short-Term Accommodation in Singapore 

By June 19, 2022July 3rd, 2022No Comments
Where to find short term accommodation in Singapore

What is short-term accommodation?

In Singapore, short-term accommodation is defined as stays of less than three consecutive months. 

According to URA guidelines, owners or landlords of residential property cannot use their property for the short-term accommodation. In other words, they cannot lease out their property for stays of less than three consecutive months. This means they cannot rent out their property to short-term visitors such as tourists who usually tend to stay for only a couple of days.   

What is the minimum lease period? 

Under URA guidelines, landlords must offer a lease of at least 3 months if they wish to rent out their private property. 

So if you are a prospective tenant, you have to sign a contract for a private room or apartment rental for a minimum of 3 months. 

What are some instances in which you may require temporary accommodation of at least 3 months? 

Sometimes, certain life’s circumstances mean you may require temporary accommodation of at least 3 months elsewhere. 

For example: 

  • You may need to move out of your permanent home temporarily because you’re renovating their existing home. 
  • You’re in-between homes i.e., you’ve sold off your existing home but your new home is not ready. Perhaps you’ve sold off your HDB flat to upgrade to a condo, but the timing of completion for the purchase is still some way off or your condo is undergoing renovations. 
  • You are a newlywed couple who wants to live together while waiting for the keys to their Build-to-Order (BTO) HDB flat or you’re still waiting for renovation of your new flat to be completed. 
  • You’re a professional from abroad who has to work in Singapore for a couple of months on a project basis. 
  • You are a millennial who wants to move out from the family home temporarily in order to get a taste of independence. 
  • You want to try living in different locations in Singapore … just for the fun of it!
  • You want to explore living in different neighbourhoods before deciding on an area in which to buy your first home. 

Where can you find temporary accommodation of at least 3 months in Singapore? 

If you need to find temporary accommodation for a couple of months only (but for at least 3 months), one option to secure a place to stay is to rent a room in a co-living space

Why’s that so? Well, that’s because co-living spaces usually come fully furnished, with utilities, wifi and cleaning included in the rent. So it’s very hassle-free and convenient because the unit or room is move-in ready. Check out more perks of living in a co-living space here

There are plenty of co-living service providers in Singapore, including Bespoke Habitat. If you’re keen on such temporary accommodation of at least 3 months, explore our spaces now. 

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