About Us

The founder in Bespoke Habitat recognises the demand of professionals looking for quality  individual rooms in Singapore. The concept of leasing out individual room has been practise over many decades, however, Bespoke Habitat decided to make changes in the engagement of it tenants. Services like room cleaning services which is usually found in hotel, are being introduced to this shared space. In addition, Bespoke Habitat is a forerunner in introducing smart living within the rooms. 

Bespoke Habitat believe in service quality and technology. The founder is previously from the technology sector and believe quality service is one of the main criterias running a successful enterprise. 

Bespoke Habitat come in as a real estate management company. It introduces services Application (APP) to all the tenants where they are allowed to log case on issues like leakage in pipe, Air-Conditioning issue and etc. With technology, it enables to reduce the lag time in reacting and solve the problem within the shortest period of time. 

The demand has grown and Bespoke Habitat is on it way to manage it 50th unit. Do reach out to us if there are any services which we can assist.