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Maximising Co-Living Perks: Amp Up Your Social Life with Condo Living 

By July 29, 2022No Comments
Maximising Co-Living Perks Amp Up Your Social Life with Condo Living

Have you just moved into a room rental in a co-living condo? With plenty of facilities, condo living has its perks. So why not invite friends over to hang out and have some fun? Here are some suggestions on how to get social in your own backyard by making full use of the condo amenities. 

Invite your friends for a leisurely dip in the pool 

When the weather is hot, there’s nothing better to beat the heat than to spend some time in the swimming pool. Have some close friends over for a swim and to simply chillax in the refreshing cold water. Bring along some snacks and chilled drinks in an ice box to quench your thirst. 

Organise a game of tennis 

Most condos have tennis courts. If you’re the sporty type and an avid tennis player, consider organising a friendly game of tennis. Tip: for a more enjoyable game, invite someone who has a similar love for the sport. You’ll get to keep fit, sweat it out and have a good match with someone who has similar sporty interests. 

Host a BBQ cookout 

If you would like to get to know your colleagues better, why not host a BBQ party in your own condo backyard? This is the perfect casual setting to bond over food. Make sure you have some decent grilling skills in the first place. Plan your shopping list for the food and ingredients and don’t forget to book the BBQ pit in advance. 

Throw a birthday party in the function room 

It’s your birthday. Are you a social butterfly and enjoy the company of a large group of friends? Then celebrate your special day by throwing a party in your condo’s function room. To make this a hassle-free event, organise some food catering. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cooking. 

Make use of the recreational facilities

Do you prefer intimate gatherings to large groups? Then consider making use of recreational facilities in the condo such as the karaoke room, theatre room or games room. These are suited for smaller groups. You can belt out your favourite tunes, catch a favourite blockbuster or have a few rounds of table tennis, billiards or foosball. 

One last tip: Take note of the condo rules of inviting guests over. Your guests will probably need to register their details at the guardhouse. It’s also important that condo residents and their guests are respectful to keep the peace. So don’t invite guests who might get rowdy. 

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