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Tips for an Easier Move to Your New Room Rental

By January 27, 2023No Comments
Tips for an easier move to your room rental

Once that Tenancy Agreement has been signed for your room rental and agreed on the move-in date with your landlord, it’s time to plan and prepare for your move to your new abode. Moving can be a stressful for some so follow our tips for a stress-free and easier move. 

1. Sort out what you want to bring over 

Sort out what you want to bring over to your room rental. This means you’ll have to declutter, give away, discard, donate or put into storage stuff you don’t need. Only bring what’s essential as you may not have the space to fit too many things in your room. 

2. Arrange the transport for your move 

When you have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be bringing over, you’ll need to sort out how to bring your stuff over on your move-in date. If you don’t have a lot of stuff, all you need to do is get a friend to help you or just hop into a cab with your things. If you have a lot of things or bringing some personal furniture like your favourite bookcase or a small desk, you may need to hire a van or book professional movers to help you.

3. Go through the inventory list carefully with your landlord 

On the move-in date, your landlord will go over the inventory list with you. This list contains all the information of the fixtures, fittings and appliances in your rental unit. Make sure you pay attention when your landlord shows you the items and explains their existing condition. If you notice anything that’s not satisfactory, such as a faulty light switch, notify your landlord immediately. If you’re satisfied with conditions of the items, both you and your landlord will have to sign off on the inventory list. 

4. Clean your room 

Before you unpack, it’s a good idea to do a quick wipe down of the surfaces, shelving and the interior of the cupboards or cabinets in your room. This will ensure that you have clean surfaces to put your belongings on. 

5. Unpack systematically 

Take your time to unpack and do it systematically. Make sure you take out the items which you’ll need most urgently first, such as your toiletries, mobile phone charger and clothes for the next few days. Leave unimportant items such as decorative items, books or other things you won’t need immediately til last or for unpacking over the weekend when you have more time. 

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