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Room Renting Move-in Procedures: The Inventory List

By October 28, 2022No Comments
Room Rental Move-in Procedures the Inventory LIst

Room Renting Move-in Procedures: The Inventory List

You’ve signed the Tenancy Agreement for your room rental in Singapore and agreed on the move-in date with your landlord. Before you can collect your keys and complete the handover of your room to you on your move-in date, you’ll need to go through the inventory list with your landlord. If you’re not sure what that’s all about, read on. 

What is the inventory list? 

On the day of your move-in, your landlord will prepare an itemised inventory list that you will need to inspect and sign. The inventory list forms part of the Tenancy Agreement. The list contains detailed information on all the fixtures, fittings and appliances that comes with your lease. 

This list is likely to include appliances such as the washing machine, microwave, fridge, as well as furniture in your bedroom such as the curtains, bedframe, mattress, study table, chair, study lamp and rug. 

What happens during move-in day? 

During the handover on move-in day, your landlord will run through the list of items in the inventory list, explain their existing condition and show you where they are. 

If you are satisfied with the condition of the items, you and your landlord will both sign off on the inventory list. 

What should you take note of when running through the inventory list? 

The inventory list is an important aspect of the handover of premises at the start of your lease. Although it may be tedious to run through every single item, you need to pay attention during this process to prevent disputes with your landlord when you move out. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Ensure that all items detailed in the inventory list match what is available in your rented unit. If you spot any inconsistencies during inspection, you will have to notify the landlord then and there so that these can be noted down in the document before you sign off on it. 
  • Check that the items are in working order. For example, check that lights can be switched on and that appliances are not faulty. If something’s not working, inform your landlord immediately so that the document can then be amended and your landlord can arrange for repairs. 
  • During the inspection, do also take note that the brands of appliances match those written on the inventory list. 
  • If you spot something wrong or amiss, you might want to take a picture so you have evidence of the original condition of the item on the day you move in and that you did not cause something to be broken or faulty. 

When you’re finally satisfied with the inventory list, you can then sign on the dotted line and collect your keys. Congrats, you’re ready to move in! 

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