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Moving to Your New Room Rental? 5 Tips for a Smooth Move-In

By April 11, 2022April 22nd, 2022No Comments
Moving to Your New Room Rental? 5 Tips for a Smooth Move-In

Once you’ve signed that lease for your room rental in a co-living space, the next step is to plan your move. It can be overwhelming just thinking of all the details you need to settle. The key is to plan well ahead of the move-in date. Here are 5 tips to help you get things organised for a smooth move-in process.

Start decluttering

You’ll probably not be able to take everything you own to your new room rental given space constraints. So start decluttering early and take a leaf from Marie Kondo – bring only what “sparks joy” or the things which you absolutely need. For things that you will not be bringing with you, decide what you want to do with them. Sort them into several piles: stuff to discard, donate, put into storage or sell.

Get your moving supplies

Get all your moving supplies ahead of time. These include boxes, masking tape, bubble wrap, scissors or a box cutter, and marker pens for easy labelling. Old newspapers may come in handy too as space fillers in the boxes if you have fragile or breakable items.

Pack early

Pack early for a stress-free move. You can start with items such as books, décor, some clothes or kitchen appliances that you won’t need immediately after you move in. Label your boxes clearly for easy identification. The day before your move, you’ll need to pack the rest of your stuff – this is your go-to box or luggage with all necessities you’ll need for the first few days of move-in such as your devices, toiletries and essential clothes. Oh, and toilet paper too … just in case!

Tip: Carry your important documents personally (such as your passport, bank statements and educational certificates) on moving day as you don’t want to risk losing them during the moving process.

Sort out the transport for your move

The benefits of renting a room in a co-living space is that everything comes fully furnished. As you only need to bring your personal belongings, moving should be relatively easy and you probably won’t need to hire professional movers. If you have car or a friend who has a car, you can easily cart your things over if you do not have a lot of things. But if you do have a lot to move, it may make sense to hire a van to help transport your boxes and luggage. Be sure to book early.

Inform your landlord about your move-in date

Stay in close communication with your landlord and agree with him or her about your move-in date so you can collect your keys and make the necessary move-in arrangements. Certain condos require permission for moving in and you or your landlord may need to submit a form to the management office along with a refundable security deposit. Some condos also have time restrictions for moving in or may even require you to hire lift padding to prevent damage. Your landlord is likely to inform you of all these details, but you can also take the initiative to check with your landlord.


In conclusion, ease the stress of moving by only bringing what you need. Get a head start on your packing and sort out all the details before moving day!

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