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Student Accommodation and Off-Campus Housing in Singapore 

By August 17, 2022No Comments
Student Accommodation and Off Campus Housing in Singapore

In most Singapore universities, first-year students are given priority for student accommodation in the on-campus university residence halls. Living on campus can be a fun experience as that’s where you can widen your social network. However, some students may not be able to live on campus due to various reasons. 

Some may have missed the application deadline and thus are not eligible for on-campus housing. Some may not be able to secure a place due to balloting or where demand outstrips supply. Yet others may be forced to move out of student accommodation after the second year as priority is being given to first-year students. 

There are also students who relish independence and may prefer to live on their own instead of living on campus. 

If you have not secured a place in the dorms, commuting from home is one option. But if your campus is located in Jurong and you live in the East, for example, you could be spending more than an hour travelling to university just to attend lectures. This can be exhausting. 

Living near to campus is obviously a more convenient option. You can attend lectures, schedule project meetings with fellow students, and access services and facilities on campus more easily. 

If you’re a Singapore university student looking for off-campus housing, you can consider renting a room in a co-living space near to your university. 

The best part of co-living is that it is hassle free. As a student, you want to focus on your studies and not worry too much about adulting stuff. Here’s why you should seriously consider co-living as an option for off-campus accommodation. 

Fully furnished 

It’s fully furnished. Just like the residence halls or dorms, your room will have a bed, cupboard and study table. So it’s completely move-in ready.  

Wifi is included 

Wifi will also be already installed in the apartment. Which is exactly what you need as you’ll need to be hooked up to the internet to do research, attend online lectures, check your emails and of course bingewatch your favourite shows when you have spare time. 

Housekeeping is included 

And you don’t have to worry too much about adulting stuff. Your rent includes housekeeping services. So you’ll get your room cleaned every week. You’ll have to do your own laundry though, which is fine as there should be a washing machine in the apartment. 

Enjoy condo living 

Most co-living spaces are situated in condominiums so you’ll get to enjoy the perks of a condo lifestyle too. When you need a break from studying, enjoy plenty of recreational options in your own backyard. Go for a swim, head to the gym or have a quick game of tennis.   

Leases are flexible 

If you’re not sure about co-living, you can try it out for a couple of months first. Leases are flexible. You just need to sign on for at least three months. So don’t worry if you’ve not secured on-campus student accommodation. You still have other options. Start exploring co-living spaces now

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