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Co-living a Convenient Option for Expats in Singapore 

By August 9, 2022No Comments
Co-living a convenient option for expats in Singapore

Relocating to Singapore as an expat can be exciting and finding the right accommodation is likely to be one of your top priorities. Co-living accommodation can be a convenient option for you if you only have a short period of time to settle your housing before starting your new job. Here’s why. 

Co-living involves only paying the rent for a single room, but you get to enjoy a whole lot of other perks at the same time. 

For one, utilities and internet broadband will already be covered in your rent. When you’ve just arrived in Singapore, there will be many things to work out and take care of. With co-living, you don’t have to worry about applying for the electricity to be turned on, searching for a broadband plan or getting IT equipment like a router. This works out well too if your new workplace has hybrid working arrangements. Having a fast broadband service already installed in your home means you can comfortably work from home a couple of days a week. 

Co-living spaces are usually located in condominiums. There are certainly many advantages of condo living. You will be able to use facilities in the condo such as the swimming pool, tennis court, gym, BBQ areas, function rooms and more. Condos are gated communities and they also come with security. To enter, residents will need to tap in with their resident pass card. Visitors will have to register at the guardhouse at the entrance. 

Another plus point of co-living is that the units usually come fully furnished. This saves you a lot of money as you won’t have to go furniture hunting during your limited free time. You’ll have a comfy bed and a wardrobe in your room and the communal facilities such as the living room, dining room and kitchen will have the requisite sofa, dining table and necessary appliances such as a washing machine and fridge. All you need to do is just bring your suitcase and move right in. 

Are you the type who hates doing the housework? Well, one of the benefits of living in co-living spaces is that housekeeping or cleaning services are provided as part of the package. The cleaner will usually come once a week and perform chores such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping the floor, changing the bedsheets and cleaning the toilets. That way, you won’t have to spend your precious weekends toiling away to keep your apartment clean. 

If this is the first time you’re living in Singapore, you may not know where exactly you want to live. Co-living units come with flexible leases. You need to sign a lease for a minimum of 3 months. With this flexibility, you don’t have to lock in a lease for a few years. So why not try living in different locations in Singapore? You’ll get to explore different areas and get used to the different vibes of different areas. And perhaps once you have a better idea of where you want to settle down, you can then secure a longer lease for a co-living unit in an area you like. 

As co-living involves a communal way of living, this is also a chance to get to know more people, especially if you’re arriving in Singapore without knowing a single person. Living with like-minded individuals mean you can explore Singapore together and who knows, you just may end up with some really good friends. 

Co-living is a cost-effective and convenient option for those who want a hassle-free stay. So if you are open to new experiences, explore some co-living spaces to find your new home. Happy hunting! 

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