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Renting a Room in Singapore: How Apps Make Life Easier for Tenants 

By August 22, 2022No Comments
Renting a Room in Singapore how apps make life easier for tenants

New to room renting in Singapore? The leasing experience can be much easier if you rent a room in a co-living space operated by a landlord who uses tenant management apps for communication. 

What are tenant management apps?

Tenant management apps or property management apps are mobile apps which landlords use to manage the property and tenants. While serving the landlords’ property administering needs, the apps also offer great convenience for tenants. 

Benefits of using a tenant management app

Here’s how these apps can make life easier for tenants. 

1. Easier onboarding 

The onboarding process is the key first step to your lease. The use of apps can offer a smoother onboarding process for tenants. 

Depending on the app’s features, it may be able to do the following: 

  • Enables key onboarding processes such as ID verification, application submission, signing of the lease and payment of the security deposit
  • Introduces you to your new accommodation and provides guidelines on how to take care of the property you are renting
  • Provides information on how to operate the appliances in the unit such as the washing machine 
  • Provides guidelines on how to maintain a conducive living environment with your roommates

With all this information in the app, the onboarding process becomes more seamless for both tenants and landlords. 

2. Quicker resolution of maintenance issues 

As a tenant, you may encounter maintenance issues that need to be addressed every now and then. For example, from time to time, you may probably need your landlord to: 

  • Arrange for a plumber to fix a faulty tap or clogged toilet
  • Schedule air-con servicing 
  • Repair breakdowns to electrical appliance whenever they occur
  • Arrange for pest control services should pest issues crop up

A well-designed app will usually have a ticketing management system that allows tenants to raise a ticket for maintenance issues that need to be resolved. 

The ticketing system escalates your request or issue to your landlord and allows your landlord to attend to your request efficiently. Through the app, you can track when the landlord has scheduled for maintenance personnel to come and fix your issue. The ticket will close once the maintenance has been done. 

The ticketing system offers greater transparency, cuts response time and reduces the incidence of unattended requests. Overall, this makes your stay a more satisfied one. 

3. Convenience of in-app payments 

Some apps offer monthly reminders of when your rent is due. These apps may also have a function of allowing you to pay your rent online through the app. For instance, it may include a QR code scan to facilitate PAYNOW payments. With this convenient feature, you can make payments, track when you have made rental payments and avoid late payments. 

4. Easier communication with landlords 

Tenant management apps usually have a feature that allows you to communicate with your landlord or account manager. Whenever you have a query or need something to be clarified, tenants can easily contact their landlord. 

At the same time, if there are important announcements, landlords can also use push notifications to notify their tenants of this information through the app. Keeping lines of communication open through the app will help tenants to have peace of mind that they can reach out to their landlords easily and vice versa. 

Convenient and seamless 

In summary, a tenant management app enables a more seamless renting experience for tenants. Being able to communicate easily, pay rent online, submit maintenance requests online and have access to important leasing documents gives tenants a hassle-free and convenient renting experience. This keeps both landlords and tenants happy. 

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