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Co-living For International Students: A Home Away from Home  

By May 31, 2023No Comments
Co-living For International Students in Singapore

Singapore is a popular destination for international students who are looking to embark on a tertiary education. Finding suitable student accommodation is an important part of the overall experience in Singapore and co-living spaces have emerged as an appealing housing option for international students. 

Here, we explore the benefits of co-living and why it can be considered a home away from home for international students. 

1. A built-in thriving community 

Co-living spaces in Singapore that cater to international students foster a sense of community. They allow students from diverse backgrounds to come together and provide the setting for friendships and connections to flourish. International students have the opportunity to engage with fellow students who are also new to Singapore and this shared experience can help them to adjust to life in Singapore. 

2. Access to convenient facilities and shared resources 

In co-living spaces, students have access to common areas such as the shared kitchen where they can mingle and prepare meals together. Appliances such as the fridge and washing machine are also made available by the landlord, making daily living convenient for students. In addition, most co-living spaces are situated in condos which come with amenities such as the gym and swimming pool. This enables students to live a healthy lifestyle. These condos also come with security so there are no safety concerns. 

3. Dedicated support 

Co-living spaces run by a co-living operator usually have a dedicated account manager to handle enquiries by tenants and provide ready support. So if international students have any issues with their co-living unit or require maintenance, they can easily reach out to the account manager. Some co-living operators also have mobile apps which make communication easier. 

4. Cultural exchange 

Co-living spaces can also act as a melting of cultural diversity. Living with fellow international students from other countries allows for a rich exchange of traditions, languages and customs. They can take the opportunity to explore Singapore together and participate in shared activities. The exposure to different perspectives and customs that come from living in a co-living enriches the educational experience in Singapore and cultivates a global mindset. 

Overall, co-living spaces can offer a fulfilling and supportive living experience for international students in Singapore. The built-in community and supportive environment, access to convenient amenities make living and studying in Singapore convenient and enriching. 

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