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Why Fresh Graduates Returning From Overseas Should Explore Co-living

By May 31, 2023No Comments
Why Fresh Graduates Returning From Overseas Should Explore Co-living

If you’ve graduated from an overseas university and returned to Singapore, it can take some time getting used to living in your home country again. You’ve had that taste of independence while you were abroad and living with your family again might take some getting used to. 

But what if you yearn to continue living on your own? Once you’ve started working, perhaps you can consider co-living as a suitable accommodation. For young professionals, this is a viable option and a unique living experience that will appeal to those who have lived overseas before. 

Let’s find out more. 

1. More cost effective 

Renting a room in a co-living unit is more affordable than renting an entire apartment. With fully furnished accommodation, you also don’t have to worry about spending extra money to buy furniture. 

Another plus point of living in a co-living unit is that utility costs, wifi and housekeeping are included in your rent. With housekeeping included, this also eases your way into adulthood and independence. Co-living is a gentle transition to adulting.

2. Community vibe and networking opportunities 

If you’ve lived in student accommodation while you were abroad, you’d probably be used to living in a community. Well, you get to replicate that experience by living in co-living accommodation. 

Co-living spaces provide ample opportunity for you to network and socialise. If you love meeting people and have gotten used to living with people from different countries, co-living would be perfect for you as you get to interact with fellow residents from various nationalities.

The exposure and opportunity to mingle with people from different backgrounds can contribute to your personal growth and broadens your perspective as well. 

3. Convenience and flexibility 

Many co-living spaces are strategically located in vibrant neighbourhoods and with easy access to transportation hubs or links. This makes commuting to work easier. 

In addition, co-living has more flexible lease terms than traditional rental accommodation. So this is perfect for fresh overseas graduates who are still unsure of long-term plans and needs. 

Most co-living units are situated in condos in Singapore which come with security. With CCTV surveillance and on-site security guards, you’ll be assured of living in safe environment. 


Overall, co-living is a compelling option for fresh graduates from overseas who have returned to Singapore to live and work. Co-living provides an environment similar to their dorm experience while abroad. Yet it also offers the opportunity to live with individuals who understand the challenges and excitement of entering a new chapter in life. 

Co-living allows you to seamlessly transition back to Singapore life, while giving you the chance to live independently and retaining aspects of what you’ve been used to while living overseas. 

If you’re looking for a co-living unit to rent, explore our co-living spaces now.

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