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What to Consider When Renting a Room in Singapore 

By May 11, 2022No Comments
What to Consider When Renting a Room in Singapore

Looking for a room rental in Singapore? There are several factors to consider as you go about hunting for your next flatshare or co-living accommodation. Here are some of the key decisions you’ll need to make. 

1. Where should you live? 

You are spoilt with choices on where to live in Singapore. In looking for an ideal location for your rented home, decide what’s most important to you. Would you prefer to live somewhere closer to work? For instance, if you’re working in Tuas, Jurong would be the perfect place to stay. What if the neighbourhood’s vibe is more important to you? If so, you can check out the hipster areas of Joo Chiat or Tiong Bahru. If you prefer all-in-one convenience, then heartland areas like Bedok, Toa Payoh and Bishan have plenty of food, shopping, transport options and amenities. 

2. Should you rent a room in a private apartment or a HDB flat?

The two most popular types of room rentals are in HDB flats or private apartments such as condos. If you are a no-frills person and have a limited budget, then renting a room in a HDB flat makes more sense. But if you can afford it, living in a condo definitely has its perks as there’s security and you can enjoy the use of facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, BBQ pit, function room or tennis court. 

3. What is your budget? 

Obviously, your budget would dictate the type of property and location of your new home. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to blow the bulk of your salary on accommodation, then opt for HDB flat where you can probably secure a room rental for less than S$1,000. 

However, if you have a slightly higher budget of, say, S$1,200 to S$1,500, why not consider a nice room in a co-living unit? The best part of living in a co-living space is that utilities, wifi and cleaning services are included in your rent so you don’t have to worry about all these additional expenses. If you have an even higher budget of above S$2,000, then you might be able to get a room in a luxury condo or in an apartment in a prime location such as the CBD area or Orchard. 

4. Should you rent a common room or master room?

The plus points of a master bedroom are its larger size and the convenience of an attached or en-suite bathroom. This comes with a higher price tag of course. If these factors are not important to you, then a common room would do just fine. Check out our article on the differences between a master and common room

5. Should you rent a furnished or unfurnished room?

If you’re in a hurry to get your accommodation all sorted out, then a furnished room is the best choice as it’s moving in would be a smoother affair. Most co-living units come fully furnished, saving you the hassle of looking for your own furniture. But if you prefer to get your own bed, desk and other furniture, then an unfurnished room would come with cheaper rent and you can bring in your own items that reflect your taste and preferences.


Well, we’ve just discussed some of the factors you’ll need to consider when you search for a room rental in Singapore. Once you’ve narrowed down what you prefer, this will make exploring for accommodation much easier! 

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