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The Social Aspects of Co-living and Its Benefits 

By February 28, 2023No Comments
The Social Aspects of Co-living and its Benefits

Co-living is becoming a more popular living arrangement with millennials and working professionals. At the same time, it’s also a unique opportunity to build meaningful connections with others. 

If you’ve moved to another country to work and are living alone, co-living can help to create a sense of belonging and expand your social circle. Here’s why. 

1. Increases your social interactions 

By living in a co-living property, you have at least 1 or 3 other persons residing in the same unit as you. Already, you have the chance to make up to 3 new friends! If you share common interests, this can even evolve into long-lasting friendships. If both you and your flatmate are new to Singapore, you can take the opportunity to engage in social activities together. On your days off, you can go café hopping, catch a move or work out together. If you’re keen to explore Singapore, check out some interesting ideas here

2. Enables you to appreciate diverse perspectives

Co-living properties usually attract working professionals from all over the world, coming from different backgrounds and diverse lifestyles. This provides a unique opportunity for you to learn about each other’s cultures and connect with people who have had different experiences and perspectives. Gaining insights into different cultures helps you to expand your horizons. 

3. Creates a sense of community 

Co-living offers you the chance to be part of a unique community. If you’re alone in a foreign country, co-living can help build a sense of belonging. You can immerse yourself in a supportive and friendly environment with people who share similar values. 

4. Reduces loneliness

Living alone can be lonely, especially if you are new to Singapore or haven’t found your own social network yet. You’re not really living alone if you’re living in a co-living unit, so this built-in social network can help to reduce feelings of isolation. 

5. Opportunity for personal growth 

If you’re co-living and adulting for the first time, this can provide an opportunity for personal growth. Navigating relationships with others, learning how to communicate effectively and how to resolve conflicts are all part and parcel of learning how to live harmoniously with others. 

Ready to try co-living? It’s more than just a housing arrangement, it’s also an opportunity to build meaningful connections with others. Explore some co-living units now!

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