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How To Celebrate the Festive Season With Your Co-living Roommates 

By November 19, 2023No Comments
How To Celebrate the Festive Season With Your Co-living Roommates

Discover the joy of celebrating the festive season with your co-living roommates. This is the perfect opportunity to foster closer connections with each other. 

Are you a foreign student living in Singapore but not heading back to your home country for the year-end festive or holiday season? If you’re living in co-living unit with other students, why not take this chance to get to know your co-living roommates a little bit better

Here are some ways to foster a greater sense of camaraderie in your shared living space during the festive season. 

1. Organise a festive potluck dinner 

Plan a potluck dinner for the festive season where each roommate can contribute a dish from their culture. You can opt to cook the dish or if you’re too lazy, a takeaway can suffice too. Sharing meals can be a wonderful way to bond and appreciate each other’s diverse backgrounds and traditions within your co-living space. 

2. Organise an outing 

If you prefer not to dine in, why not organise a group outing instead? Head on to Orchard Road to see the festive lights and decorations, visit Gardens by the Bay for its seasonal floral offerings and Christmas Wonderland spectacular, or get tickets to Universal Studios to enjoy its Christmas-themed parade. 

3. Holiday game night 

Break the ice with a holiday-themed game night and choose games that encourage interaction. Whether it’s board games, card games or even festive-themed trivia, game nights can foster a sense of camaraderie. For foreign students who’re here in Singapore away from their families, game nights are always filled with lots of fun and laughter. 

4. Exchange Secret Santa gifts 

Students living together in a co-living unit will also love a Secret Santa gift exchange. Set a budget that everyone is comfortable with and draw names to determine who will be buying a gift for whom. It need not be expensive. It’s the thoughtfulness that counts to add a special touch to your celebrations. 

5. Have a festive movie marathon 

Get into the festive mood by creating a movie marathon. Whether it’s classic holiday films such as Home Alone and Love Actually, or other seasonal favourites, spending the time watching movies together can be a simple way to enjoy and celebrate the festive season. 


Celebrating the festive season with your co-living roommates can help to build a closer sense of community. By engaging in shared activities, you’ll turn your co-living space into a more welcoming home for the holiday season and beyond. 

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