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Couple Rooms for Rent in Singapore: What to Consider 

By December 30, 2022No Comments
Couple Rooms for Rent in Singapore What to Consider

Are you a couple looking for a room to rent in Singapore? Here’s what you should consider when you shortlist rooms to rent. 

What type of room should I rent?

A common room is adequate for a single person but this may be a tight squeeze for couples.  A master bedroom would definitely be more comfortable and spacious, as it would be able to accommodate at least a queen-sized bed. Plus, it comes with an en-suite bathroom. This gives you greater privacy and you’ll avoid potential bathroom conflicts with other flatmates as well. 

Will there be a live-in landlord? 

Some landlords rent out a spare bedroom in their apartments. But would you able to co-exist in the same unit with a live-in landlord? Some landlords may have young children and if the both of you prefer some quiet downtime at home after a long day at work, this may not be an ideal arrangement. If you’re not comfortable with a live-in landlord, then a co-living rental may be a better option for you. Your flatmates are likely to be other working professionals who are likely to value their own privacy. 

Is cooking allowed? 

If you and your other half prefer to save money and enjoy cooking your own meals, then you’ll have to check with your landlord whether cooking is allowed in the kitchen. Some landlords allow light cooking, but others may prohibit cooking altogether. It’s better to clarify this upfront before signing your lease. 

Will utilities and wifi be included in the rent? 

It’s definitely more convenient when utilities and wifi are already included as part of the monthly rental payment. That’s where co-living units have the upper hand. So if you don’t want the hassle of arranging for your own wifi and signing up for a utilities account, then renting a room in a co-living unit would solve this problem. 

How long do you intend to rent the room for?

Are you waiting for the keys to your BTO flat or waiting for renovations to be completed for your new flat? Or perhaps you may be keen to try living together before tying the knot? If so, you may not want to lock in a long lease. Renting room in a co-living unit offers you greater flexibility in terms of the length of lease. That’s because co-living units allow you to sign shorter leases of at least three months. 

Where should you stay? 

Obviously, location is one of the most important things to consider when you want to rent a room. Convenience is everything. Most couples will usually look for a unit that’s in close proximity to transport links such as bus stops or MRT station and with amenities such as the supermarket, wet market or hawker centres nearby. 

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