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Condo Living in Singapore: 7 Rules Tenants Should be Aware Of 

By March 31, 2023No Comments
Condo living in Singapore 7 rules tenants should be aware of

Expats who are looking for accommodation in Singapore usually opt for condos because there are many perks to condo living. Some will rent the whole condo unit while others may prefer renting a furnished room in a co-living unit in a condo. However, living in a condo does come with responsibilities. 

Here are some condo living rules that tenants in Singapore should be aware of. 

1. Noise levels 

Condo living in Singapore involves living in close proximity to fellow neighbours. To avoid disturbing others or be called out for being a nuisance, tenants should keep noise levels down, especially during late hours at night. That means you should not host any rowdy parties and avoid blasting music or turning the volume up too loudly when you watch TV. 

2. Disposing of bulky items 

Sometimes, you may need to get rid of bulky items such as furniture or large appliances. This scenario may happen when you buy a new set of furniture or are replacing your appliances. You’ll need to find out how, where and when to dispose of these bulky items responsibly. 

Each condo has its own sets of rules when it comes to bulky item disposal. Some have designated areas for bulky items disposal while others may call in a disposal services for bulky items once or twice a month. Other condos may even require tenants to make a booking for such services or to request permission to dispose of those bulky items. It’s always best to check with your condo’s management office what the specific rules are beforehand.  

3. Booking of facilities 

Condos have shared amenities or facilities such as gyms, function rooms, tennis courts and barbeque pits. Most condos may require you to book these facilities in advance. To secure the booking, you may be required to fill in a form at the management office or book through a condo management booking app. Some condos may even require a deposit to be paid if you’re hosting party or a gathering at the function room or barbeque pit. Want to organise a BBQ gathering? Be sure to find out how you can book it first.

4. Littering 

Littering is a big no-no wherever you are in Singapore. Being clean and hygienic is part of civic responsibility. So be a responsible resident and throw your rubbish responsibly through the rubbish chute or at the designated large rubbish bins in your condo. Avoid littering in common areas, or throwing litter, used tissues or cigarette butts out of windows. Do your part to maintain a pleasant and clean living environment in your condo! 

5. Registration of guests 

Condos may require residents or tenants to register guests. For example, the guardhouse may take in details of the guests who are arriving at the condo. This is a security measure to protect the residents and to ensure that only authorised individuals are entering the premises. So do explain to your guests that they will have to furnish their details at the guardhouse when they visit you.

6. Maintenance or repair services 

Condos have their own set of rules when it comes to allowing maintenance contractors such as aircon servicing or plumbing personnel to come into the premises. Some condos may need you to inform them and register the details in advance. Some may only allow these contractors to come in during certain days and timings only. For example, the maintenance personnel may only be allowed to do servicing during weekdays and are forbidden from entering the premises during weekends. So do check in with your condo before you make arrangements for maintenance services.  

7. Move-in move-out policies

Condos usually have specific policies on moving in and moving out, such as designated timings, using only particular lifts or even using padding for the lifts to prevent scratches while moving furniture. Your condo may require tenants to notify management in advance and to adhere to specific moving hours or procedures to avoid disrupting other residents. 

So remember, to enjoy condo living, be respectful of your fellow neighbours and follow the condo rules and regulations to maintain a harmonious living environment. 

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