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The Complete Room Rental Viewing Checklist: A Tenant’s Guide

By March 29, 2022April 22nd, 2022No Comments
The Complete Room Rental Viewing Checklist: A Tenant’s Guide

Have you got your heart set on a room rental in a co-living space? If you’ve already done a preliminary property search and have narrowed down a couple of options that suit your budget, the next step is to visit the apartment so you can make a final decision.

Seeing is believing. So, inspecting the rental unit will give you a sneak preview of what it’s like to live there as a tenant. If you get good vibes, everything seems to be working and the place meets your needs, then you can confidently sign up for the lease.

Not sure what to look out for? Check out our room rental viewing checklist which covers all you need to know and what you should be aware of when you go room hunting.

The neighbourhood

Arrive early for your viewing appointment and spend some time walking around the vicinity of the condo or apartment.

  • Is the apartment easily accessible to public transport? Check out whether there is a bus stop nearby and whether buses run frequently. If there’s an MRT train station, estimate how long it will take to walk to the station and whether there are any covered walkways in case it rains.
  • Are there shops nearby where you can do a quick grocery run?
  • Are there F&B options nearby like a hawker centre where you can easily takeaway food or have a quick bite on your way home?
  • What other facilities are there in the neighbourhood? For instance, is there a jogging track, park, post office, bank, cinema, other retail shops? 
  • Is there ongoing construction nearby or is the apartment near a highway where noise levels could be higher?

The apartment surroundings

Check out the compound of the apartment or condo too.

  • Is there security? Does the security officer at the guardhouse screen visitors before flagging them into the compound? If so, you’ll know that the condo takes the security of its residents seriously.
  • Visit the facilities that are available in the condo. For instance, is there a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, jogging track or clubhouse? Have a clear idea the facilities you’re likely to use. If you’re a gym buff or like to put in some laps at the pool, be sure to go check them out. You might want to find out how long the gym stays open if you’re the type to put in your reps late at night.
  • If you drive, find out whether there is adequate parking space and whether a parking lot can be allocated to you.

The apartment itself

Inspect the apartment and carefully check each area.

  • What are the kitchen appliances that are available? E.g. is there a fridge, kettle, microwave or stove? If so, you can prepare simple meals. Is there enough storage for all flatmates to store your own supplies?
  • Are there laundry facilities like a washing machine and dryer?
  • Does the condo come well furnished? Would you be able to relax comfortably in the living room?
  • Does the unit seem well maintained? Signs of any insect infestations, broken lights, cracked tiles or paint peeling would be a red flag.
  • Is the unit clean, neat and well ventilated?
  • Does the main door come with security features?

The room

Ensure that the room has all you need for comfortable living.

  • Check out whether the wifi signal is strong inside the room you’re intending to rent. An unstable wifi connection can be frustrating. You need a stable and strong connection if you intend to work in your room, surf the internet, enjoy gaming or binge watch your Netflix series.
  • Observe whether there are enough powerpoints in the room and whether they are in convenient locations. If you have various electronics and require multiple powerpoints, don’t forget this step.
  • Is there sufficient storage space (e.g., cupboards and shelves)? If you have a lot of belongings, you’ll need to know whether you can cart all your stuff in or whether you’ll need to pare back what you can bring with you.
  • Is the room’s layout conducive for you and is there adequate space such that you won’t feel claustrophobic?
  • Is the furniture suited to your needs? For instance, if you’ll be working from home on some days, you’ll need a desk in the room so you can work comfortably.
  • Is the air conditioning in the room working fine or is it leaking?
  • Does the bed or mattress look clean? After all, you’ll be sleeping on it. It should not be stained or dusty.
  • Does your room come with an attached bathroom or will you have to share a common bathroom with your flatmates? Check out the condition of the common bathroom which you’ll be sharing – if it’s clean and uncluttered, your flatmate is likely to be neat and responsible person.
  • Does the bathroom have any leaky taps or showers? Is the water heater working?
  • Does the room have sufficient ventilation and natural light?


Before you explore room rental spaces, have an idea of what exactly you need. When you go for your room viewing, focus on what’s around the property as well as what’s inside. Do a thorough inspection so you can assess whether the unit meets your lifestyle needs. This will then help you make a sound rental decision.

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