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Room Rental Storage Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Get More Storage Space

By September 29, 2022No Comments
Room Rental Storage Hacks Tips and Tricks to Get More Storage Space

Just signed on to rent a room in a co-living unit? When you have to squeeze all your belongings into a single bedroom, you have to get creative on how to organise your things. 

The first step is to declutter. The next step is to find smart ways to create more storage space in your bedroom … all without making your room feel too cramped. 

Follow these simple tips and tricks to fit more storage space in your room. 

1. Make use of the area under your bed 

The best place to store your luggage is under your bed. The area under your bed can also be used to place boxes of items which you may use only sparingly. Just make sure you vacuum and mop the area under your bed and give the boxes and luggage a good wipe down every week to prevent everything from becoming dusty. 

2. Vacuum pack your your winter clothing and store them in your luggage 

Winter jackets and other winter clothing can be really bulky and take up a lot of space in your wardrobe. The solution? Vacuum pack them. Vacuum bags or compression bags will suck out all the air and compress your clothes to half the size. You can then store them in your luggage, which goes right under your bed. 

3. Use the area behind your door 

The area behind your door is usually an unused storage space. You can place a hanging pocket organizer behind your door where you can store smaller items. This space-saving option can be used to place socks, underwear, jewellery , belts or small accessories. 

4. Create storage under your desk 

The area under your desk is another unutilized space which you can use to store your stuff. Get a couple of smart storage solutions such as woven baskets or large storage boxes with lids to place your things. If there’s space, you can even get a small rolling cabinet that can fit under your desk. This can be used to store all your home officeessentials. 

5. Get space-saving clothes hangers 

Space-saving clothes hangers are those which can allow you to hang multiple pieces of clothing on a single hanger (instead of just one piece of clothing). These can hold garments vertically or horizontally. Examples include tiered skirt hanger with clips or a multi-layer pants hanger hooks. When you don’t have a lot of wardrobe space, these hangers are great options to help you fit all your clothes into your cupboard. 

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