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Cooking in Shared Spaces: Navigating Co-living Kitchen Etiquette 

By August 31, 2023No Comments
Cooking in Shared Spaces Navigating Co-living Kitchen Etiquette

Cooking in a shared co-living space comes with its fair share of considerations. While you may enjoy meal prepping and the experience of cooking itself, you’ll also have to ensure that your culinary adventures do not to disrupt the harmonious living environment in your co-living apartment. 

Here are some tips on how to navigate kitchen etiquette when you’re living with others in a shared space.

1. Set up a cooking schedule 

Effective communication is the key to avoiding conflicts in a shared kitchen. If there are several avid cooks living in the same co-living unit, discuss cooking schedules and coordinating kitchen usage with your flatmates. 

2. Allocate storage space 

In most co-living units, landlords will designate shelf spaces in kitchen cabinets and refrigerator compartments to each tenant. But if your landlord has not done so, discuss this with your flatmates and set up a system yourselves. Labelling your condiments and other ingredients will avoid confusion and ensure that everyone’s things are clearly separated. 

3. Clean up soon after cooking 

clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. After cooking and eating, don’t let the pots, pans and dishes stack up in the sink. Make sure you wash up and also clean the countertops and stove tops after cooking to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen for shared use. 

4. Be mindful of aromas and ingredients 

While experimenting with diverse cuisines can be exciting, be mindful of strong aromas that might not sit well with other roommates. If you’re cooking something aromatic, open up the windows for good ventilation. 

5. Communicate 

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to cooking styles, dietary restrictions and cleanliness standards. The key is to have open communication and to respect each other in a respectful manner. 

Cooking in a shared space can be rewarding when approached with an open mind and clear communication. So do set clear guidelines and respect your flatmates needs when you live in a co-living space.

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